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Licensing Information 

  • SquidNet Deluxe License: Included with the free version of SquidNet. Provides support for an 8-core render farm.
  • SquidnNet PRO License: Basic license that unlocks all local rendering features.
  • SquidNet Core License: Individual rendering license. Ideally, you should have one core license for every physical (non-hyperthreaded) CPU core.
  • Purchased licenses have no expiration date and are good for all future updates and added features.
  • Please safeguard license keys for future installations and upgrades.
  • There is a $200 fee for replacement license keys.
  • Building up your renderfarm: If you're in the process of building up your renderfarm you can start with a basic configuration. Just purchase a SquidNet PRO License to unlock all local rendering features and SquidNet CORE licenses for each render node on your farm. For example: A small 4 node renderfarm requires a SquidNet PRO license and 3 CORE license. You can always purchase additional CORE license as your renderfarm and needs grow.
  • For any additional questions on licensing, please send us an email.

Purchasing Instructions:

  1. Determine the size of your render farm by counting the number of physical cores for all SquidNet client, slave and the master nodes. For example, if your render farm has 40 Quad core (4) render nodes (don't count hyperthreaded cores), you'll need to purchase 160 (40 x 4) SquidNet CORE licenses.
  2. Select your license from available options in table below.
  3. Select "Buy Now" button for selected license type.
  4. Enter payment information. Either purchase directly using your Pay Pal account or use a major credit card. If you'd like to purchase via a direct wire transfer or purchase order, please send use an email.
  5. Important: Make sure to provide your email address so we can send you your license(s).
  6. Follow instructions in License Registration Instructions document.
  7. Once we receive your render farm information, we'll send the license(s) to the email address provided in the payment notification.
SquidNet Licensing
Need a quote for your render farm? Send us an email. Please contact us  
Evaluation License (Unlimited use. Good for 15 days. Includes free remote setup ) No charge !!  
SquidNet Deluxe License - (includes standard 8-core) No charge !!  
SquidNet PRO License - (Unlocks mosts features. Best way to get started with your renderfarm. Add SquidNet CORE Licenses as needed) $100 (US)
SquidNet Core License. (per physical core only, no charge for HT/Virtual cores) $15 (US)
SquidNet Site License - Yearly Renewal - Unlimited (unlimited cores. License must be renewed annually.) $1200 (US)
SquidNet Site License - Lifetime - Unlimited (unlimited cores. Lifetime license.) $2400 (US)
SquidNet Cloud Commercial Render farm License Please contact us  
SquidNet Cloud Non-commercial Render farm License Please contact us  
SquidNet Web Browser License Please contact us  
SquidNet GPU Rendering License Please contact us  
Email 24/7 Support (response usually within 24 hours) No charge !!  
Remote login support (remotely login into your network and setup your system (1 hr typical but can vary depending on render farm size)) No charge !!  
Custom Features (features/plugins tailored for your specific workflow) Please contact us  
Educational licensing options available Please contact us  
Interested in being a reseller? Please contact us  


    • Remote support includes a quick 5 minute setup procedure. No remote connectivity software will be installed on your system and you'll have full control over the entire process. You'll be able to see how we go about setting up your render farm right from your desktop.
    • Yearly and Unlimited licenses include one hour of online training.