• Tile rendering for Lightwave, Modo, AIR and Blender3D.
  • In-app plug-in modules for all supported applications.
  • Better system monitoring (usage, resources, graphs, etc...)
  • New job templates for Houdini, Rhino, 3D Nature, Indigo and Rhino.


Features Description Deluxe Professional
Free Lifetime Updates Each license comes with free lifetime updates. Yes Yes
Free Feature Implementations We'll implement your feature for free. Just send us an email. Yes Yes
Free Template Implementations We'll help you build your templates for free. Just send us an email. Yes Yes
MAYA Tile Rendering Render single frames across multiple nodes.   Yes
3DSMAX Tile Rendering Render single frames across multiple nodes.   Yes
H.264 Video Create H.264 videos from rendered frames.   Yes
Batch Processing Submit multiple scenes within a single job request.   Yes
Frame Transfer Queue Automatically transfer rendered frames to SCP/SFTP/FTP and network servers.   Yes
Frame Display Automatically display rendered frames to your desktop.   Yes
Include/Exclude Nodes Include or exclude specific nodes from a render job.   Yes
Inactivity Manager Disable job processing for specific hours for any day of the week.   Yes
Multi-Platform Support Multi-platform support for Windows and Linux Operating Systems. Yes Yes
Dynamic Core Assignment Automatic assignment of CPU cores based on thread parameters specified in job request. Yes Yes
Minimum Memory Requests Specify the minimum amount of memory needed to process a job request.   Yes
Job Request Dependencies Automatically start a job after a specific job has completed processing.   Yes
Application Path Manager Centralize the management of application installations ensuring that SquidNet finds your rendering applications as efficiently as possible. Yes Yes
Script/Command Processing Execute your user-defined scripts and command before/after jobs are processed.   Yes
Re-processable job frames. Re-process specific frames from within job slices or requests.   Yes
Job Request Sharing Share job requests with other users by setting  network UNC path for default profile folder(s). Yes Yes
Path Translation Job requests automatically convert paths amongst cross-platform environments. Yes Yes
Job history statistics Local & network job history windows that show job processing statistics. Yes Yes
Customizable Interface Plug-in architecture allows for the automatic loading of application templates. Yes Yes
Peer-to-Peer Setup your farm as a peer-to-peer network where each submitting node acts as it's own controller. Recommended for smaller systems. Yes Yes
Client/Master/Slave Setup you farm in a client, master, slave configuration. Recommended for larger systems.   Yes
Job Priorities Assign job processing priorities (0-24) to each job. Higher priority jobs are always processed first.   Yes
SMS Text Messages SMS Text messages on status of jobs.   Yes
Job Interruptions Automatic job interruption for higher priority jobs and auto-resumption when job gets to the top of network queue. Yes Yes
Real-time logging System logs for render nodes, jobs and job slices. Yes Yes
Future Start Times Set future start time for submitted jobs.   Yes
Background Processing System services automatically start on boot up and run as background task. Yes Yes
Resource Management System services run as efficient as possible and only use system resources when they're needed. No allocation of large system memory blocks and processes at startup. Yes Yes
Persistent Storage All local jobs are saved to disk and are automatically re-queued on system startup. Yes Yes
Standalone Processing Jobs are processed without user intervention. System managers and users do not need to be logged in for system to operate. Yes Yes
Image Viewer/Preview View output images as soon as they're created. Support for BMP, GIF, JPG, PNG, MNG, TIF, TGA, PCX, PNM and RAS image formats. Image preview available when selecting entry in job queue.   Yes
Email Notification Send email messages based on system and job processing events (job start, error, etc...)   Yes
Job Pool Management Create network processing pools and assign specific types of jobs to each.   Yes
Group Email Notification Create group lists for email notifications.   Yes
Network Installation Manager Remotely install and manage network render node installations from a central location. Yes Yes
Remote Start/Stop Remotely start and stop any render node on the network.   Yes
Maximum  Processing Nodes Assign the number of render nodes that can work on a job.   Yes
Auto Slice Timeout Restart Auto-restart of job slices that exceed a specific time period. Yes Yes
Thread Prioritization Automatically lower application processing thread priority on render nodes in which users are logged in. Automatically increases thread priority if users are logged out.   Yes
SMC View Management Arrange SMC window views vertically, horizontally or in a cascading fashion. Yes Yes
Command Line Output Shows the exact application command line that will be executed. Yes Yes
Job Profiles Reload, edit and resubmit all job requests.   Yes
License Manager License management dialog. Add and check system licenses.   Yes
Embedded Store Purchase SquidNet-NDP Pro or render node licenses directly from the SMC interface. Yes Yes
Job Filter Show network jobs based on filter criteria. Yes Yes
Real-Time Job Viewer View progress of all network jobs and job slices. Yes Yes
Real-Time Network Viewer View activity and status of all render nodes from a single interface. Yes Yes
Job Priority Reassignment Reassign job priorities in real-time.   Yes
Job Operations Suspending, Resuming and restarting of network jobs.   Yes
Network Initialization Remove and initialize all network jobs.   Yes
Job Manager Create, edit and manage network jobs. Yes Yes
Real-Time Statistics Monitor network statistics (number of cores, speed, memory, etc...) for all render nodes. Yes Yes
Activate/Deactivate Enable or disable render nodes from processing network jobs.   Yes
CPU Activity Monitor Remotely view CPU usage for any render node on the network. Yes Yes
Smart Network Monitor System monitors network for render node activity. Automatically removes render nodes displaying erratic behavior. Yes Yes
Full Application Support Functionality for any application that supports a command line interface.   Yes
Lifetime Licensing All license come with lifetime usage and never expire.   Yes