SquidNet LogoSquidNet Network Render Manager - Latest Version: 2.66P136

New SquidNet Web Rendering Interface !!

SquidNet Web

SquidNet Web Rendering (Download):

  • Access your SquidNet render farm from your favorite web browser anywhere on the web.
  • Support for Http (local) and Https (SSL) requests.
  • Http/Https JSON interface for remote management functions.
  • User login/authentication support with user management interface.
  • OpenSSL AES-256 and 2048-bit RSA data encryption.
  • Manage job queue and render farm nodes from any web browser.
  • Support for job submission, project uploading and downloading of rendered images.
  • Interesting in being a beta tester? If so, send us an email.

SquidNet Cloud Rendering Interface !!

SquidNet CUI

SquidNet Cloud Rendering (Download):

  • Submit render jobs to your SquidNet render farm from anywhere on the internet.
  • New and easy to use cloud rendering interface.
  • Command line interface for scripting, batch rendering, python, perl, bash, etc ....
  • System tray application for notifications, background processing and more.
  • In-application plugins for direct job submittion from your favorite 3D app.
  • Extend your local farm with internet rendering services.
  • Watermarking and image reduction for user evaluation licenses.
  • Custom-branding of cloud interface logo, splashscreen and backgroud image.
  • Automatic upload of rendering project.
  • Automatic download of rendered images.
  • Automatic upload to user's FTP server.
  • Image Preview and Image Thumbnail strip display windows.
  • Admin/User Management Interface.
  • Sync/cache your projects on the cloud server to limit upload times.
  • Archiving of renderered frames on cloud server for manual downloading by user.
  • Secure communications: compression, encryption and safe transfer of project files.
  • Optimized communications: 12 asynchronous channels for concurrent uploading/downloading of user content.
  • Secure: OpenSSL AES-256 and 2048-bit RSA data encryption.
  • Cloud Interface (CUI) available for Windows, Mac OS and Linux.
  • Cloud Server available for Windows, Mac OS and Linux.
  • GPU OpenCL/Cuda Rendering Workflow (V-Ray RT, Blender Cycles ).
  • In-app plugins for all 3D Applications (Maya, 3dsmax, etc...)


SquidNet Cloud Bridge (coming summer 2015):
  • Distribute local SquidNet Render farm jobs to a participating cloud-based render farm service.
  • During peak demand on your local render farm, offload jobs to a cloud render farm service.
  • Automatically expand the size of your local SquidNet render farm without purchasing additional hardware.
  • Automatic uploading and downloading of render scene content (scenes, textures, frames, etc...).
  • Totally transparent to local render farm. Each cloud service appears as a local render pool.
  • Support for Amazon EC2 and OpenStack cloud services.
  • Secure: OpenSSL AES-256 and 2048-bit RSA data encryption.
  • Send us an email for additional information.


SquidNet is an advanced network render management system used to reliably distribute, control and monitor render jobs on small, medium and large scale render farms. Jobs are managed and distributed evenly across all contributing CPUs ensuring that your farm's performance is fully maximized. Using the latest networking technologies, SquidNet is designed, unlike most render management systems, to be easily installed on your farm with little or no configuration hassles.

SquidNet uses highly efficient and scalable load-balancing algorithms to effectively manage complex renderfarm workflows. Submit jobs using application templates that are specifically tailored for your applications. Once your jobs are submitted, SquidNet distributes your request based on your jobs processing criteria (pool, specified nodes, etc...) without any further user intervention.

With SquidNet's flexible design, adding additional features is never an issue. If there's a feature that SquidNet doesn't currently support, no problem! Just let us know and we'll implement most features at no cost to you. In fact, most, if not all, of SquidNet's advanced features come from ideas and recommendations from existing customers. SquidNet's current spec sheet can be found here.

If your render farm is currently being managed by an other render farm manager send us an email and we'll present a quick demonstration on how easy it is to integrate SquidNet into your existing workflow.

You can try out SquidNet for free! Just drop us a quick email and we'll send you a free 15-day unlimited-use evaluation license.

Basic Render Management Features
Customizable Interface: Support for custom features and workflows via configurable application templates and plugins. No charge for feature customizations that benefit all SquidNet users.
Cross-platform support: Install SquidNet on all Windows, OSX and x86-based Linux distributions.
Unlimited render nodes: SquidNet can manage any size render farm.
Dynamic load balancing: SquidNet automatically determines in real time how to distribute jobs to partially-active and idle CPUs. Choose from multiple scheduling algorithms.
Project-based workflow: All jobs are managed within project specific folders to help you better manage your customer scenes.
Job Control: Start, stop, suspend, resume render jobs in real time.
Job States: Job states include Queued, Processing, Interrupted, Suspended, Resumed, Error and Completed.
Tile Rendering: Render single-frame high resolution images on your renderfarm.
Efficient Power Management: Automatically start offline nodes when jobs are queued. Automatically shutdown render farm when nodes have been idle for a specified period of time.
Simple installer: Install SquidNet on your system using a single installer. No need to go thru any complicated installation procedures.
One-step Network Installer: Upgrading your renderfarm to the latest version of SquidNet by simply selecting nodes to update and selecting "Update".
Automatic Node Detection: All nodes in SquidNet network automatically find each other. No need to go thru complicated configuration procedures.
Self-contained: All SquidNet operational files are completely contained within the installation directory. No files are ever copied to any system folders thus ensuring complete isolation from your existing workflow.
Single interface: All management and control functions are done from a single GUI-based interface console.
Multi-view: All control and monitoring functions are contained within built-in single windows called "views". Different views exist for job monitoring, network monitoring, CPU system, workflow progress and many others.
Customizable Interface: Arrange all monitoring "views" into your own custom layout.
Command line interface: Submit render jobs using SquidNet's command line interface.
Standalone Image And Sequence viewer: Use the snview application to view and play your animation sequences.
Advanced Features
Multi-application support: Supports all popular 3D modeling and rendering applications.
H.264 video support: Automatically create H.264 videos from rendered frames.
Distributed management: Automatic load-balancing of all jobs across your renderfarm.
Built-in image and sequence viewer: View completed images and frame sequences.
Job Priority management: Assigned up to 25 different priorities to each job request.
Job dependencies: Schedule the order that jobs are processed.
Email and SMS: Email and SMS text messaging of job status.
Application Path Manager: Manage your application's installation paths from a single interface.
Transactions: Manage your workflow with script execution, job chaining, checkpoints, auto-video generation, archiving, etc...

Supported Applications



NukeMrayMaxwellModoRenderManRenditionAirSquidNet FFMPEG

Built-in support: Maya, 3D Studio Max, RealFlow Mesher, Blender, Mental Ray Standalone, RenderMan for Maya, Adobe After Effects, Holomatix Rendition, LightWave, FPrime, Fusion 5, Terragen-2, SoftImage|XSI, Vue, Project Messiah, V-Ray Standalone, Cinama-4D, Maxwell Render, SiTex Graphics Air, Luxology Modo, Foundry Nuke, Elecard/HandBrake video converters and most generic applications.